Scholastic Council for Academic Excellence (ScAE) was founded by a group of eminent academicians to identify, nurture and promote academic talent in the student community.

Activities of ScAE

The Scholastic Quest Olympiads:
ScAE conducts the All India Scholastic Quest Olympiads annually.
Scholastic Maths Olympiad: Conducted every year for students of class 2nd to 9th.
Scholastic English Olympiad: Conducted every year for students of class 2nd to 9th.
Scholastic Science Olympiad: Conducted every year for students of class 4th to 9th.

Mathematics Coaching for Competitive Exams:
For students of Class 2 - 9

The ScAE Annual Interschool Competitions:
Elocution, Handwriting, General Knowledge Quiz, Science Chart making, Quick Maths Competition

Technical Drawing Competition:
Participation of 9th and 10th std students from ICSE and CBSE schools

Faculty Development Programs:
Lectures by eminent educationalists, experts of repute in their respective fields.

Seminars for Students of Class 12 about Engineering Careers:
Lectures from Professors from reputed Engineering Colleges in Mumbai

Guidance Seminars on Centralised Admission Process for Engineering Colleges:
Crash Courses for Common Entrance Test (MHT-CET) and NEET for 12th Std students in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics


Members of Scholastic Council

Prof. Satishkumar Barot, M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur)
Prof. Harish Narula, M.E (Electronics)
Prof. Anurag Gupta, B.E. (Computer Science)
Prof. Manish Nadkarni, B.E. (Mechanical) M.B.A.
Mrs. Mrudula Pradhan, B.A., B. Ed.
Mr. Yogesh Rajadhyaksha, B.E. Mechanical
Mr. Anand Prabhu, M.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. Yashodhan Karulkar, B.E., M.M.S.
Mrs. Smita Gandhi,
Mr. NitinPujari, M.Sc, M.A.(Ed), B.Ed.
Mrs. Shimpi, B.Sc., B. Ed.
Mr. JagdishValecha, B.Sc, PG Dip. S.J.

Ms. Dhanashree Rawool, B.E. Electronics
Mrs. Fatima Siddiqui, B,Sc., B. Ed.
Mrs. Roma Awatramani, M.Sc., B.Ed.
Mrs. Rukhsana Tarya, M.Sc., B.Ed.
Dr. Yogesh Salavi, M.Sc, Ph.D
Mrs. Sunita Bane, M.Sc. (Analytical Chem)
Mrs. Munira Unwala, M.A, B.Lib.Sc.
Mrs. Geeta Pillai, B.Com, ECC Ed, B. Ed.
Mrs. Priyadarshini Puthran, M.Com, B.Ed.
Mrs. Akanksha Shilkar, B.E (Computers)
Mrs. Nisha Modi, B.Sc, B. Ed